How to Became a beta Tester for the Google App on Android

Become the beta tester

There Side in Worldwide lots of Android users who experiencing its feature with different version and different Model phones, We received this news from various Resources. Google launched beta testing program for everyone where everyone can download and enjoy all beta version apps programme feature. Google has opened up the beta testing programme for the Google Play Store Applications

Beta Version
Beta Tester

That means you can also get this feature and enjoy the newest Updates of apps. The Google beta programme gives you opportunity to help the developer by testing the pre-release and updated version of the app

We Provide You Two Methods to Enroll in Testing Programme

  • Enroll Via URL
  • Enroll Via PlayStore

If you want to join Google Play beta world first you should have to signup via this link and Click on became a tester then wait some time (5-10 MIN Approx.) and Enjoy you are in Beta tester program.

Beta tester
Google tester

Now you also UNLOCK an advance feature Where you can download android app without going to PlayStore. for Example : Just search in Google Chrome browser (recommended) and Type “Qvoid“, A rich card appear in chrome browser which shows this app, [ads1]Just Click the Install button then Suddenly you will see a pop-up Window appear who request you to download this app. Install and Enjoy app Without Open the PlayStore.

leave beta
leave the beta tester

The same page where you joined the beta program.In the Leave, the testing program section, click the Leave the program link. A confirmation message will appear shortly, stating You left the testing program.

Step to Enroll Via PlayStore


First You must have to open PlayStore And Search An Android App which you want to move in Beta Version for Example Whatsapp is the most popular app at this time everyone wants to know about whats new in this app so you should have to try this app in beta version

Tester PlayStore


You have nothing to do Just  Search Whatsapp and Scroll Down you will See an Option Which shows you and gives you the opportunity to Enroll in beta Programme Where you get and use the pre-release function before proper Update.[ads2]

Step to leave Via PlayStore

leave beta
leave beta tester

The Same Procedure Apply As You use at Enrollment time. Just Search the App or Open PlayStore > Scroll right > Select My Apps And games > You Will An Another tab (BETA), which shows you only Enrolled apps Click one of the App and Scroll down And Select Leave Option.


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