Best Google Advanced Search and Shortcuts You Should Know About It

Google is a more powerful tool than most what peoples thought, Google is more than a search engine, You can be done and find everything in google if you know the right tricks, As like, a fresher guy use Google search tool they type the only keyword where they find many types of content sites and articles appears. Here I’m gonna tell you some google advanced searches and shortcuts which is very useful for everyone (Primary to Master).

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Keyword define your Particular Word (Conditional Word) which is used at same place[/box]

Here the List of Cool Hack

> Google Gravity

Google Gravity
Gravity Google

Check the Google Gravity page where all element automatically fell down to the floor, google perform like real Gravity where all words are falling down its really amazing concept.

> Blink the Word

Blink google
Blink trick


Type <blink> in the search box. Just search <blink> on Google and see magic, every Blink keyword goes to blink blink blink. means all blink words are self-playing Hide&seek (just Kidding)

> Find Information on Particular Site.

Site google
Particular Site search

Type: “Keyword”, This is another Google Shortcut which describes the content and finds a particular thing at the particular site this trick is very useful for you, its provide you exact information of the particular website.


> Use Google as Timer and Stopwatch

google stopwatch
Stopwatch and timer

Yes, you can use google as Stopwatch or timer, this is an another hack which is also genuine

> Direct download link “keyword” filetype: format

file search
format file search

Search direct file via google as like if you want to download a pdf file and book, just search in google bar “PHP advance filetype: PDF” and hit enter. the google provide you exact file at the time, As you can see in cast picture I searched a Php programming book in Pdf format, yes you can also search different file and different format for saving the time.


> Google tilt



Search in google search bar without quotes “TILT” and select Google tilt option this is the fun base program ran by Google developers where google search engine work in curved style.

> Google Dictionary

Define Dictionary

if you want to find definition and meaning you have to go with Define keyword, just Type in Google search bar “DEFINE: keyword” without quotes. you will get the exact result and meaning also.

> Check comparison

VS google
Check comparison

Using Vs keyword to comparison in two keywords “use own words at same place of keywords” like if you want to know about Sensex rate into TATA and REL, this trick is helpful for you,{you can everything comparison but remember both are the same field}

> Flip a coin

Filp game
Head and tails

This is another cool hack which is truly amazing you can bet with friends and play solo also. just type in Search bar FLIP A COIN and enjoy the head and tails game

> Solve mathematics problem via google

Calculator google

Yes, you can also solve own mathematical problem via google type Calculator or Type Question in search bar your result be published as early

> Get Direct Link of any File


“ intitle: index.of?format ‘Keyword’ ” if you want to download a song and you didn’t get that you can use this trick for EX: intitle: index.of?mp3  Kamelia Akcent

Index search
Index of file

You will get this song at the first link or you can Search Direct With This Shortcut “Index of Movie/Songs/Video/Images”

And the last one is ELGOOG.IM its a fun container box of Google Search result

elgoog google
google fun department

this is the truly amazing website where you can play PacMan, learn google Linux programme, gravity, underwater search, Play guitar, play retro Snake game and more extension programme available on this site.


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