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Droidcon : A Global Developer Conference Rise Again

The biggest Android fest is now going to start again where participate the Android developers, designers, and programmers from all over the World. Droidcon is a global developer conference series and a network focusing on the best of Android, it provides a forum for developers to network with other developers, to share techniques, to announce apps and products, and to learn and teach. The idea behind droidcon is to support the Android platform and create a strong network for developers and companies. where Developer, designer, and another programmer share own idea to make an ideal and strong network, development, design, and architecture.

The first droidcon conference at Berlin in 2009 had 300 attendees. Since then, the conference has grown continuously and In INDIA December 2015 – Bangalore 5th edition of droidcon attracted over 500 developers from around the country And now droidcon going to the conference again in Berlin.

Droidcon fest @Berlin
Droidcon fest

This year with more than 30 droidcon locations worldwide (may be Include INDIA, Bangalore Centre). For more information about the upcoming conferences, please check www.droidcon.com

The original plan or history of Droidcon is here, where you can see the fest history with exact date and on top, you see an another option which shows you upcoming event date and time.

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