How To Enable Soft Keys In Android Mobile (Rooted and Unrooted)

Android Softkeys

In WorldWide lots of Users are getting Experience of Android Devices with Different Android Versions, And Android has many features like RTL(right to left), Text to Voice, Mira-Vision etc, Softkeys is also one of them, Where Soft-keys Feature is pre-install in some smartphones and Some Android doesn’t give you, but Now you can get this feature. These soft-keys features were first introduced with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Version. I Will tell you both method for (Rooted Users) and (Non-Rooted Users)

For Rooted Users

First Check your mobile status it is rooted or not if not, you can root your android device via Kingroot.

Step 1

  • To Get Soft Keys on Screen, you need to edit Build.prop file.

Step 2

Step 3

  • First Install and Open  ES Explorer.

Step 4

  • Then Go To System mean /System
ES Explorer Settings
Soft keys (Step 1)

Step 5

  • Find Build.prop File in the bottom.
SoftKeys ES Explorer
Soft Keys (Step 2)

Step 6

  • You need to Backup this File, So first Copy the Build.prop file into another location or Same folder (For Security Reason).

Step 7

  • Now you can edit build.prop file tap on Build.prop file and Select ES Note Editor.

Step 8

  • Then to scroll down and Add the following lines at the end


Softkeys ES Explorer
Soft Keys

Step 9

  • That’s it, reboot your phone and you have soft keys on ur Screen.

For Non-Rooted Users

  • Yes, You can get the soft keys even non-rooted Android devices by using this app.
  • First Install and open the app.
  • The first time, this app will take you to the Accessibility. Enable it (for Always on Service)
  • This app has a lot of customization options.
  • You can customize the navigation bar button as per own choice.
Simple Control Android App
Simple Control Android App
  • Save the Setting and enjoy Live navigation button on Left bar and bottom bar (default setting) you can also change location also.

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