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How a Phlegmatic Sloth Teaches You 6 Successful Blogging Lessons (Amazon eBook)

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Hello, everyone TrickFi here with the another post on How a Phlegmatic Sloth Teaches You 6 Successful Blogging Lessons (Amazon eBook)

How a Phlegmatic Sloth Teaches You 6 Successful Blogging Lessons


Live Muppets.


More roaches than you can shake a stick at.


Moss on ‘da back.


Poop runs.


A slow, serene smile.


During a 6 week house sit in a remote Costa Rica jungle Kelli and I viewed a chill, relaxed, way Big Lebowsky type dude who sometimes popped up beside the house/hut on humid, hot morning.


OK; every morning was humid. Most mornings were hot.


You just know what is coming next; I had to go and write an eBook on the experience. Because if you cannot draw parallels between a real, dyed in the wool, live Muppet looking sloth in a remote Central American jungle and successful blogging tips….why in the hell are you blogging?


The eBook:


How a Phlegmatic Sloth Teaches You 6 Successful Blogging Lessons


What’s In It For You?


Lots of fun slothery.


No seriously; we watched this charming chap move at the speed of a snail plowing through molasses after a 4 day drunk.


He was as quick as Americans are NOT outraged.


The guy made tortoises look like peregrine falcons.


But more than learning about his quirky, slothy qualities, I share 6 successful blogging lessons that can help boost your blogging game a few notches up.


You want more blog traffic. You want those sweet blogging profits. Comments? Hell yeah, ya want ’em. Social shares. Sweetness in the form of list subscribers, more interview requests, all that good stuff.


The most simple, powerful and sometimes maddening thing about blogging is that if you stick to and follow basic fundamentals – aka, the 6 successful lessons in this eBook – over the long haul, following this advice daily, over the course of years, success is yours.


Your dreams can and do come true through blogging if you


Slothy The Blogging PhD 101


Slothy the Costa Rican Sloth oft spied in the jungles of Buena Vista, Costa Rica helps you:


  • create a memorable blogging brand
  • move up in blogging circles
  • build a profitable blog
  • avoid jackass, boneheaded blogging mistakes
  • solve your blogger burnout problems


You probably never thought a sloth in far off jungles would teach you blogging lessons, eh?


Even better; the guy is not a PhD Prima Donna. No elitism here. I saw it. First hand. Slothy would climb down to the jungle floor to poop every once in a while. Humble, right? Practical too.


I never saw an uppity PhD drop a deuce au natural outside of a college hall.


So this points to the fact that Slothy is not uppity or elitist. Which is a good thing. Because nothing is worse than an uppity sloth.


Who Would Dig the eBook


Any blogger who enjoys a colorful story mixed with smart, fundamental blogging tips.


My reads are short, sweet and filled with helpful, clear and to the point tips to help you build a successful blog.


I aim to entertain some and to get to the meat of the matter.


I know we are all busy bees. Me included.


I am heading back to NYC in a few days for yet another awesome house sit in Manhattan.


Doing the globe-trotting bit while building an expanding business challenges the bejesus out of me so I do not beat around the bush with my eBooks.


The Cover


The cover image is, in fact, Slothy the Sloth, photographed by Kelli in the deep jungles of Costa Rica. BUT….we also snapped this image of a 2 toed sloth – Sonic the Hedgehog – which is begging to be another eBook cover for a related eBook. We shall see….


Slothy’s neighbor Sonic the Hedgehog


The Sloth


Now that you know what the eBook is about I want to share a little more about this cute, adorable, mesmerizing sloth.


Kelli and I hadn’t spotted any sloths for the first few weeks during the trip, per usual. Even in super remote areas, sloths move slowly. Take a little while for these chill dudes to make it to your neck of the jungle.


After my morning Tico (Costa Rican) coffee on a bright, cheery day, Kelli spotted old Slothy the Sloth hanging upside down high in the canopy.


I noted a play of different greens shading his back. Sloths move so slowly that moss actually grows on their coat, in addition to a single sloth being able to house hundreds of cockroaches (sorry Kelli).


He chilled. He ate. He climbed tree to tree. Deliberately. Mechanically. On the serene tip.


Eventually, our friend exited after a few sightings. But not until he provided me with a fun eBook idea.


Does anybody know the international bank wiring code to Costa Rica? I gotta hook this guy up with some Amazon royalty payments.


The eBook


If you want a fun, entertaining blogging read buy my eBook:


How a Phlegmatic Sloth Teaches You 6 Successful Blogging Lessons


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