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How to Create Shortcut of Website on your Desktop

We access many websites daily such as Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. This type of site can be of social, technical, humanities and news. Here we are going to tell you a trick. you can access your favorite website immediately by creating a shortcut to your favorite website.

Create website Shortcut and Bookmark on your desktop

There are two ways to save and access your favorite website. First is bookmark and rest is Shortcut.

Bookmarking: Bookmark refers to save that web page where you exactly visit it mean you can access and save a website or particular page. but it will show only in the browser. you can save the bookmark by shortcut key Press Ctrl + D to save the particular website or page.

Shortcut: Shortcut a website is also the same condition like bookmarking. but it saves the shortcut page on your PC. you can place the shortcut in Taskbar of Desktop by right-clicking on the shortcut and select Pin to Taskbar.

How to Create the shortcut of a website on Desktop.

in IEInternet Explorer you have visit that site which you want to create the shortcut. for EX: you want to create the shortcut of Google.com

Create shortcut

Right-click on the screen of Browser and Select Create Shortcut and press Yes option of Pop-up Menu.

In Chrome: visit the site which you want to create the shortcut.

Chrome Shortcut
Chrome Shortcut

and go to Menu in Chrome three dots refer to Menu. select Add to Desktop Shortcut option in More tools option, see the image above.

A pop-up option appears to Create shortcut and favicon.

Google shortcut option
Google shortcut option

As you can see CleverDroid Site shortcut on my Desktop screen in the image below.

Shortcut in Desktop

Even you can use the shortcut in your Taskbar on your desktop screen or in start menu also. For the place in Taskbar right-click on the shortcut and select Pin as Taskbar.  and select Pin as Start Menu to use in Start-Menu.

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